18 September 2023

20 Years 20 Buildings: Pasaron Football Stadium, Pontevedra

Between 2006 and 2012 the project and construction of the new Pasarón soccer field in Pontevedra was developed. This is a project of ACxT – Idom, promoted by the Xunta de Galicia, the Diputación de Pontevedra and the City Council of Pontevedra and built by Oreco. Mecanismo Ingeniería designed the Modified Structures Project and provided the Technical Assistance to the DF during the works.

It is a proposal that stands out for its rectangular geometry, for the use of exposed concrete and for the important cantilevers that are generated in the corners, as well as in the perimeter.

The structural concept is based on the arrangement of main frames every 24 meters, using the concrete façade as a large wall beam that spans the span between these supports. There are secondary frames (where there is no facade column) every 8 meters for the support of the grandstands, in this case prefabricated.

The roof cantilevers are steel caissons encastred in the concrete frames. The four lighting towers are composed of a reinforced concrete shaft in the shape of an “L” up to the roof of the grandstands and a steel structure from there to the top.

Did you know that… this was the construction of a new soccer field in the same place where the same field was located and that the use of the facilities was maintained during the entire construction process, which meant that the work had to be phased in 3 stages?