27 June 2022

Loggia Baseliana, Architekturwoche Basel 2022, Isla Architects

“LOGGIA BASELIANA Pavilion for the Architekturwoche Basel 2022” by ISLA ARCHITECTS (Marta Colón de Carvajal and Juan Palencia) published at DIVISARE – ATLAS OF ARCHITECTURE (link to the publication here)

Excellent images by Luis Diaz luisdiaz !!!

Mecanismo Ingeniería has developed the structural analysis and engineering consultant for the different units of the project.

It is a pioneering project in the architectural exploration of climate-friendly circular construction whose structure is made entirely of reused components from the demolition of previous works. Each of the units is built out of different components through specific constructive solutions based in a catalogue of pre-existing materials including cardboard, wood, metal and other components.

The pavilion is composed of porticoed modules, combined into 5 different units extending over fifty linear meters. Each unit has its own constructive system and material character with a mix of components and internal solutions, combined with formal clarity and homogeneity under the shape of a vernacular pitched roof.

The pavilion openned its doors to the public in May 2022, and will stay open to the public until October 2022.