15 June 2023

DH Palencia Thermal Power Plant

DH Palencia Thermal Power Plant, work of the Madrid architecture studio led by Fernando Rodríguez and Pablo Oriol, FRPO,
has just been published in Arquitectura Viva Magazine. Promoted by DH Eco Energías, supplies hot water to thousands of homes,
using forest biomass as its main energy raw material, from local resources, without using fossil fuels and opting for a renewable,
clean and economical energy source.

Mecanismo Engineering has designed the structure of the building and provide technical support during the construction process.

On a base of reinforced concrete walls where most of the industrial activity takes place, lies a light roof of metal frames
with 4 joints that are laterally stabilised thanks to the semicircular geometry of the walls. The design of the structure
includes the solution used to counteract the horizontal thrusts generated by the frames at the crown of the basement walls,
by activating a perimeter service walkway as a structural element in the form of a beam with horizontal bending that transfers
the forces to bracing points. The steel structure was constructed by Anro.

The project is enveloped in a corrugated and undulating polycarbonate skin, seeking to become an architectural icon that
evokes energy and environmental transformation.