19 April 2024

Colegio Estudio in Conde Orgaz by Junquera Achitects

January 2024 saw the inauguration of the new Colegio Estudio headquarters in Conde Orgaz, Madrid.
The work of the architectural firm Jerónimo Junquera Arquitectos, this building, heir to the Colegio Estudio of Valdemarín, built in 1968 by Fernando Higueras, is an attempt to take up his legacy. The building is inserted into a plot of single-family homes on a small plot of land, creating an oasis that is detached from the exterior.
The structure below ground level is built entirely of reinforced concrete. On top of this, a series of self-supporting prefabricated steel structure modules are assembled in the workshop and placed on site through a lifting process in which each of the hanging points of the module are its columns. An interesting project in which Mecanismo Ingeniería was part of the design and construction process as Structural Consultants