2 June 2023

Third edition of the International Forum on Construction with Wood

On June 1st and 2nd of 2023 MECANISMO INGENIERÍA attended the third edition of the International Forum on Construction with Wood, held in Pamplona.
Yesterday a visit was made to the “Entremutilvas” housing building.

Organised by the FORUM HOLZBAU platform, in collaboration with the Onesta Wood Chair of the University of Navarra and with the support of institutions
and research centres in the world of wood such as AITIM, PEMADE, CIS madera, Lignomad, COSE, UNEmadera, AEIM, PEFC,
FSC, etc.

FORUM HOLZBAU is an international platform with a track record of more than 25 years promoting timber construction around the world.
It holds 11 congresses annually in different European countries, consolidating itself as a meeting point for all the agents involved in any phase of the
construction process. These congresses are an essential event for all those interested in the new possibilities offered by timber construction, aiming to
design and implement more sustainable spaces, reduce the carbon footprint in urban areas of cities and develop a circular economy.

The International Forum on Construction with Wood seeks to generate a professional environment in which to promote synergies and to provide answers to
technical and practical questions that arise in relation to construction with wood.