19 October 2022

Repair works of the roof of the Transparent of the Toledo Cathedral

The Cultural Heritage Institute of Spain (IPCE) has completed the repair works of the roof of the Transparent of the Toledo Cathedral, whose execution has been carried out by Kalam, in accordance with the project and construction management of the architect Javier Contreras Plaza. The Mecanismo Ingeniería team has been in charge of carrying out the structural engineering works for the consolidation and restoration of the roof.

The emergency works approved in August last year have allowed to recover the watertightness of the roof and its structural stability, stopping the deterioration of the interior decoration of this singular element, work of Narciso Tomé.
The origin of the pathologies presented by the transparent roof came from the humidity derived from rainwater filtrations, a situation that was aggravated by the complex geometry of the roofs around this element and manifested itself in the form of lesions in the walls, meeting areas between the different volumes and singular elements.

The intervention consisted of the integral treatment of the Baroque building designed by Narciso Tomé on the Gothic apse of the Cathedral and all the adjoining areas related to its roof. To this end, the lead and slate roof has been dismantled, replacing all the affected wood with an important work of carpentry, recovering the cover with the same materials and identical pieces and dimensions, treatment of the ashlar masonry, including the two Gothic pinnacles and the four buttresses attached to the building, recovery of plastering, cleaning and protection of the stained glass windows that had been damaged, cleaning and protection of the stained glass windows that allow light to enter the Transparent, adaptation of the interior spaces, with new enclosures and metal stairs to allow the conservation and maintenance of the roof, and finally waterproofing of the roofs attached to the building from the roof of the main apse to the back of the Gothic vaults.

We share some of the images of the restoration of this unique historical element and we leave you a link to some published news: