“We work closely with our clients, applying creativity and rigor to reach the most appropriate solution for each case”

The main activity of Mecanismo Engineering is the design and calculation of structures, especially of building structures.

We work hand in hand with architectural offices, as well as with constructors and promoters to reach an optimal structural solution. To this effect, we apply creativity and rigor both in the design of the structural concept and in its posterior analysis and constructive development.

Our field of action covers projects of very diverse nature, magnitude and complexity: from residential buildings to the design and development of unique structures or large industrial and civil works.

We engage from the initial concept of the structure up to the delivery of the Executive Project, including the following phases:

› Consulting on public biddings
› Works studies
› Preliminary projects
› Basic Projects
› Execution Projects
› Modified Projects

Our  field of action includes the analysis and development of projects with all kinds of structural materials:

› Reinforced concrete
› Pre-cast and post-tensioned concrete
› Steel
› Wood
› Mixed structures (steel-concrete, wood-concrete, etc.)
› Factories (brick, stone, etc.)
› Textile and tensioned structures
› Structural glass