2 March 2023

24 Architecture students from IE University visiting a contruction work

We share with you some images of the visit of 24 students from IE University to the construction site of a residential building located in the centre of Madrid, which took place on the 7th of February. The visit was coordinated with the Structure course which is taught by Professor Alejandra Albuerne in fourth year of the Bachelor in Architectural Studies. During the visit, Flavia Proverbio and Juan Rey from Mecanismo Ingeniería and Raúl González from Azmer guided the students on a tour of the most unique aspects of the construction work.

Mecanismo Ingeniería has acted as structural consultant in both the design phase and the actual construction. The construction of this building has been carried out using the bottom-up process, in which the flats above ground floor and the robotised car park below ground floor have been built in parallel. In the photos, the students can be seen in different parts of the construction site, such as in the basement, observing the structure of the robotised car park and in the access to the garage on the ground floor, as well as the current state of the façade.