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quarter-house in oropesa
© espegel-fisac arquitectos

quarter-house in oropesa (castellón)

july 2008  |  spain - north  |  public  |  projects

the complex of the quarter-house for the spanish civil war (guardería civil) in oropesa del mar is dividede in three independent buildings at all levels except the basement, which is common for all floors and will be destined to parkings and instalations.

one of the buildings will be destined to offices and prison cells whereas the other two buildings are parallel blocks for housing.  

the generally adopted structural scheme corresponds to concrete frames from the foundation to the roof. the floors are, in general, of hollow core slabs supported on concrete beams.

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espegel + fisac arquitectos



espegel + fisac arquitectos



secretaría de estado de seguridad del ministerio del interior



oropesa del mar (castellón)


start date:

february 2008


scope of works:

proyecto de ejecución de estructuras


approximate budget:

€ 4,2 millon


project status:

under construction

(construction start date: august 2009)

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