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3 underground parkings
© cañaveras arquitectura

3 underground parkings (barrio del pilar, madrid)

may 2008  |  spain - center  |  public  |  projects

mecanismo has collaborated with cañaveras arquitectos in the development of the structure for three underground parkings in the ´barrio del pilar´.

in all three cases the parkings are situated un zones between existing buildings. to maximize the security conditions during construction, the parkings were built by the so-named ascending-descending system, which consists in the construction of the distinct floors in reverse order, starting with the ground floor and finishing with the ultimate basement. 

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cañaveras arquitectura



cañaveras arquitectura



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barrio del pilar (madrid)


project start date:

may 2008


scope of works:

detailed design


state of project:

detailed design delivered

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