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centro de artes en verín
© sixto arquitectos

centro de artes en verín (verín, ourense)

august 2014  |  spain - north  |  public  |  projects

It is the new 'centro municipal das artes' of Verín. the project has been developed by sixto arquitectos and it consits in 5 'cubes' separated by uses: access, café, aula polivalente, main auditorium, administration and non-instrumental classrooms. The 'cubes' are connected to each other through a lobby with a vegetal walkable deck.

mecanismo will develope the modified structure project for the construction company, aldesa construcciones.

Photo 1


aldesa construcciones


Architecture project:

sixto arquitectos: miguel crespo picot, javier guzmán de benito,
sixto martín aparicio and sixto martín martínez



ilmo. concello de verín



verín, Ourense


start date:

august 2014


scope of works developed by mecanismo

modified structure project


project status

under construction




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