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rehabilitation of the serrería belga
© langarita-navarro

rehabilitation of the serrería belga (madrid)

april 2007  |  spain - center  |  public  |  rehabilitation

the scope of the project is the rehabilitation of the antique belgian sawmill building, close to the paseo del prado in madrid. 

its new use will be to accomodate the new headquarters of intermediae, therefore the building will be called intermediae / prado.

the winning proposal of the competition, by the architects langarita - navarro, contemplate the conservation of the main part of the existing building and by including a new volume in its interior, as observed in the image. 

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langarita + navarro arquitectos



langarita + navarro arquitectos



ayuntamiento de madrid



c/ cenicero y c/alameda, madrid


project start date:

december 2007


scope of works:

detailed design

building site assistance


approximate budget:

€ 8 million


state of project:


(construction start date: january 2009)

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