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football stadium of pasarón
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football stadium of pasarón (pontevedra)

july 2006  |  spain - north  |  public  |  projects

the new football stadium of pontevedra c.f. is located at the same site as the old stadium, for which the supporter stands were demolished and the new stands were built in three stages.

the structure is of reinforced concrete and the facades have circular perforations. the roof of the stages is formed by metallic cantilevers. the four illumination towers exist of a reinforced concrete structure in the shape of an L untill the roof of the stages and a metallic structure from there on to the top. 

mecanismo has develloped the modified structural project of the complete stadium as well as done the building site assistance for structures and foundations during the whole building process. 

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xunta de galicia

diputación de pontevedra

concello de pontevedra




jefe de obra: miguel escobero





project start date:

modified project: july 2006


scope of works:

modified detailed design

building site assistance


approximated building cost:

€ 18 million


state of project:

constructed (construction: dec 2006 - august 2010)

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