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new corporative headquarters of isfoc
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new corporative headquarters of isfoc (puertollano, ciudad real)

december 2006  |  spain - center  |  administrative  |  projects

the building will be the new corporative headquarters for the institute of concentration photovoltaic systems (isfoc) in puertollano
(ciudad real).

it is a building for both offices and industrial use for the investigation of photovoltaic solar panels. 

the building is formed by two blocks, one for the offices and one for an industrial zone, separated by a central atrium. it is planned in its totality in reinforced concrete, with frames every 8 meters approximately. the floorslabs are rectangular, of reinforced concrete, with columns of the same material. some singular elements are distinguished like the signage landmark, the skylights and a central footbridge that are designed with a steel structure. 

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junquera arquitectos



junquera arquitectos


project director:

juan manuel palacios



isfoc - instituto de sistemas fotovoltaicos de concentración



puertollano (ciudad real)


start date:

february 2007


scope of works:

detailed design

building site assistance


approximate budget:

€ 4,7 million


project status:

constructed (2009-2010)


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