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mecanismo has a distinguished team of engineers and architects specialised in building structures. it means to give an open vision into the development of the design process of a building. the teamwork of architects and engineers brings different methodologies and points of view together, configuring a broad and integral approach for solving the problems that arise in the development of the structure for a building.

the design of a building generally requires a large number of people, experts of different professions, to work as a well coordinated team. therefore, the development of a project evolves around a challenging balance between inspiration, creativity and technique. the team at mecanismo works, with a well coordinated approach, with the architects responsible for the project, always trying to develop specific structural solutions that will add value to the project.

this spirit of co-operation is also extended to the rest of the parts involved in the construction of the project: mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, property, contractors, etcetera.

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