4 September 2023

20 Years 20 Buildings: Tudor Apartments in Mombasa (Kenia)

Within the series 20 years, 20 works this week we present you a very special project, because it is one of the first we developed in Africa, where we have subsequently had the opportunity to work intensively, in more than 15 projects in 10 different countries.
It is a residential building by Urko Sanchez Architects, built in 2012 in Mombasa (Kenya), in which we have been fortunate to participate as structural consultants in both the design and construction phase. The building houses a total of 14 apartments, with a staggered lower part towards the Tudor Creek and a main volume in which the geometry of the façade stands out.
It is also a structural façade, consisting of a mesh of concrete bars that constitute, together with the communications core, the main structure of the building. The execution of this façade structure, with a large number of nodes with complex links, was a real challenge.
The building received an honorable mention in the 2013 AAK-Awards of Excellence in Architecture, in the category of best residential project.