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The main activity of Mecanismo Engineering is the design and calculation of structures, having a high specialization in building structures, as well as in structural rehabilitation.

We work closely with our customers to achieve an optimal structural solution. To this effect, we apply creativity and rigor both in the design of the structural concept and in its subsequent analysis and constructive development.

We address the development of projects with flexibility, trying to adapt to the needs and uniqueness of each case.

We have experience in projects of very diverse nature, magnitude and complexity: from residential buildings to the design and development of unique structures or large industrial and civil works.

We bet on a mixed team made up almost equally of Civil Engineers and Architects with a high specialization in building structures. We believe that this combination gives us a greater and better understanding of the needs of each project, allowing us to propose structural solutions based on an understanding of the overall constructive logic of the building

Our team has an extensive experience in the development of all types of projects in the structural field, as well as specialized profiles in specific areas (geotechnics and special foundations, rehabilitation and structural pathology, etc.) that allows us to offer high-level technical services to deal with complex or non-conventional situations.

We are very proud that some of the projects we have participated in since 2003 have been awarded over 70 times, receiving important international recognition in the field of Architecture and Construction, such as the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies Van der Rohe.