“We are committed to research and innovation as tools that allow us to create added value to our service portfolio”

Research is a tool that allows us to differentiate ourselves from other companies and create added value in our portfolio of services.

We are currently developing the research project “Applications of fracture mechanics for the design of concrete structural elements”, which aims to develop a computer tool for the design and calculation of fiber-reinforced concrete structural elements.

Juan Rey, Jacinto Ruiz and Pablo Vegas have published more than 50 scientific articles in magazines, such as Construction Reports, Concrete and Steel, Engineering Structures, ACI Structural Journal, Cement and Concrete Research, etc.

Juan Rey is a member of the working group GT5 / 8 “Eurocode 2: Building slabs» and Jacinto Ruiz of the group GT5 / 7 “Shear strength without transverse reinforcement”, both belonging to the Scientific-Technological Association of Structural Concrete (ACHE).