10 November 2023

20 Years 20 Buildings: Park and Palace, Madrid

Within the series of buildings of 20 years, 20 buildings, today we share with you this residential building in Madrid.
Park and Palace is a residential building in the centre of Madrid located in a privileged setting between the Parque del Oeste and the Royal Palace.
This building, work of Olalquiaga Arquitectos, seeks to make the most of the views and the contact with the surroundings and the landscape, adapting subtly to the alignment of the streets and the staggering of the adjoining buildings.
Construction took place between 2019 and 2020.
The structure was built with concrete slabs and both concrete and metal columns. As it is a building in party walls with other buildings and several basements, the excavations and containments were one of the most interesting parts of the development of the project. We found excavations for bataches, provisional anchorages as well as micropile screens.