12 September 2019

New visiting round «Commissioning», COAM

On the occasion of the XVI Architecture Week (Sep 30th-Oct 7th), the COAM Architecture Foundation organizes a new round of “Commissioning” visits aimed at architects and professionals in the construction sector. The proposal includes a visit to some buildings awarded with the MATCOAM2018 Prize by the Association. Mecanismo Engineering participated in the development of the structure project as well as in the technical assistance on-site in two of the four suggested works.

The two selected works are the Israel Alba Ramis 4BIS Railway Building and the Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Save The Children Foundation by Uriel Fogué Herreros, Eva Gil Lopesino and Carlos Palacios Rodríguez.

We encourage you to participate in this interesting initiative where you can find out in situ the constructive peculiarities of each project.

For more information you can click here.